Trucking video BTS

I had so much fun working on this video for my old friends/ coworkers at Jones Brothers Trucking! We used a drone + my camera on the body stabilizer to film this entire promo video. Check out all the fun below!!


The JB staff was so helpful and supportive and my film crew were rockstars! Sten, thank you for entrusting the making of this video to me. Rex, thank you for being an awesome stunt driver! Archee thank you for looking epic on top of that truck! Brittany and the rest of the jones staff, thank you for sharing your beautiful faces. Forest & Sarah, thank your for flying your drone and getting some epic shots. Justine, thank you for being the best assistant. Jeff, thank you for being the best audio support.  Really I just want to thank everyone who supported the creation of this video. You rock! 

Jessica BrownComment